Full Moon Healing Saturday for Women

Full moon is the time when emotions are very high. Women usually start feeling the load of emotions a couple days before and after the full moon. We need to learn how to balance our emotional state, how to fill yourself with healing and loving energies and how to transcend the negative emotions and stress into love and balance. When our emotions are out of balance the life feels like a roller coaster, our own life as well as the life of our surroundings turning into a big mess, and this is what we want to stop, before it may happenes.

Give yourself a recharge on Saturday during one of the strongest days of the month –

The Full Moon

I invite you to spend this day with a small group of 4-8 women to Detox, relax, connect and recharge.

We will start at 12 a.m. by doing a meditation and shamanic Journey healing session.

We will draw cards to receive guidance from Spirit World and will share our Journeys.

We will have a healthy lunch (Potluck – everyone brings a healthy lunch to share) and tea.

At 3 p.m we will start a Magic Despacho Ceremony to ask Spirits help with manifesting our wishes.
After the morning session our connection to the spirit world will be strong and our wishes may manifest faster! 

We will have another short guided healing – meditation after the Despacho to prepare for releasing and letting go during the Fire Ceremony.

The event will be happening in the private residence in Wheeling. The exact address and additional information will be sent to you after registration.