Bring the Light to the Darkness!

Without darkness, there is no light.

Without night, there can be no day.

When we perform the ceremonies we offer our gratitude to Mother Earth and to all the Spirits on our planet that support us during our life on the planet.

The more often we recognise, acknowledge and show our gratitude to the Spirits, the better our connection becomes, the easier our life will get.

At present disturbing time we need to understand it even more than ever!

Despite a basic human need to suppress and ignore the dark, there are many positive aspects to embracing the dark side, if it’s just for a short time. 

September 23 is the Fall Equinox, the time when the dark part of the year starts. 

This is one of the strongest days in the wheel of the year, when the energies of Nature are very strong and our intentions and prayers can be heard and the goals that we declare during this day can manifest faster.

  • We start with Sound Healing Meditation for deeper relaxation and concentration on your intentions.
  • The 2nd part is the Despacho Ceremony to honor the Great Mother and the Spirits.
    This is the time when you will also concentrate on your goals and prayers.
  • The third part of the program is the Fire Ceremony to releasing the old and the things that you just discovered in yourself and invocation of better situations into one’s life

We will start at 5:30 p.m., please arrive a bit earlier to settle up.

The exact address and additional information will be sent to you after the registration.

There are will be NO masks or social distancing requirement – Please consider this before registering

Fire ceremony is an ancient ritual or releasing the old and invocation of better situations into one’s life.

 Fire Ceremony – a community campfire is a healing ceremony.

During the ceremony we will be performing a blessing to Mother Earth to all the elements and all the beings living on ceremony northbrook illinois

Fire is a great way to let go of old stuff, such as old traumatic memories, difficult and negative emotions, old habits that are not serving you anymore. 

Shamans say to all those things: “take it to the fire…." 

This is what one part of our ritual will be.

Another part is to ask Fire and other Elements to help us in invoke and manifesting our desires, our intentions and goals. 

fire ceremony northbrook illinoisFor this, you will be coming to the Fire with your offering made of flowers or plants, and will offer this to the fire together with your prayers.

Shamanic Fire Ceremony as well as Despacho Ceremony are the healing rituals for humanity and the Earth.

Read more why and how often to participate in Fire Ceremony 

The ceremony will be facilitated by Nina-Basted, according to the shamanic principles.

If you want to Attend ONLY Fire Ceremony, you can do it by contacting me by text at
224-688-0155 for further directions or email me

The Fire Only Event is held on the Donations from the Heart bases.

Every Full Event Participant will have a chance to win a gift in the raffle

 The event will happen at the Camp Dan Reinberg campsite in Palatine.

If you have your own rattles or other shamanic musical instruments, you can bring it with you.

Despacho Ceremony Wheeling Illinois

We will also have a potluck before and after the ceremony, please bring healthy snacks. 

Additional information and exact location will be sent to you after registration.