This Cacao Ceremony will be connecting us to the energies of Goddess Saraswati for healing and manifesting our intentions and making changes in our lives to benefit everybody. 

Cacao ceremonies is a type of shamanic healing and is one of the oldest holistic healing practices used by many indigenous cultures. 

Cacao gently touches your heart and guides you into an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our heart (Anahata) chakra. 

Cacao healing ceremonies work with rebalancing energies of chakras in the body to regain health. Drinking cacao will not make you hallucinate or give you some sort of ‘out-of-body’ psychedelic experience. It is a very gentle and very balancing experience.

A Despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things.

The Despacho Ceremony is the time when wishes are made, and through direct contact of a person with the elemental forces of Nature, the future could be corrected.

With your heart opened by the Cacao – the food of Gods, it will be easier to create a correct intention and to manifest it in your life!

In this ceremony we will create a PERSONAL DESPACHO for each participant.
This is when the real MAGIC will happen!!! 

Different effects can be obtained in different ceremonies, depending on the intention of the facilitator as well as each individual intention. Cacao enables us to connect to our true self, release blockages and past traumas, dissolve some negative energies, and align with who we truly are by opening our hearts.

Our Amazing Cacao Ceremony in September was dedicated to connecting with the energies of Goddess Saraswati. 
We all felt how beautifully it felt being in her vibrations.
During this ceremony we will be connecting to Goddess Sarawati energies and will be performing rituals similar to Puja to connect and ask her for blessings.

What you can experience during a cacao ceremony:

There are many common experiences you can get during the ceremony, such as: 

    • Healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognizing patterns, following your heart;
    • Finding a connection to your highest self, your own power, and truth;
    • Helps you to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you;
    • A balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body;
    • A heart-opening journey of oneness, love, and ecstasy;
    • Enhanced creativity and gives energetic boost
    • It helps bring peace and clarity to your mind by healing your body and soul;
    • A shamanic or spiritual journey.