Peru Travel to Places of Power – Connect to Your Hidden Potentials with Initiation for Healing and Connection to Elements

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  • February 25, 2024 - March 4, 2024
    3:00 pm

9 Days Peru Trip. Location: Peru Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and more

The wellness retreat combines breathtaking scenery with ancient temples on Andean peaks with sacred practices like ceremonies, meditations and other ancient practices. We will connect to the ancient knowledge in mystical ruins of Machu Picchu; Meditate and perform ceremonies on the sacred island Amantani at Lake Titicaca, the roof of the world; Get Initiated into Healing and to the Ancient (pre-Incas) Elemental Practices and much more…

Full refund will be issued in case the event is cancelled by the organizer or in a case of Global Disaster or Force Majeure events in the world.

This Trip to Peru is for those who are ready to experience their own soul, start the real connection, and to connect to their own powers and hidden potentials.

This Peru Retreat is designed for the seekers, the ones who are looking to find out who they are, the reason for their birth here on Earth, and what they need to do in this life.

This trip is for those who understand that something needs to be done and changed in their life and those who want to start the changes. It is for those who understand that they are not just their body with a brain, but much more than that.

The ones who will travel with us are the ones who understand that we all are Souls having a Human experience, not the other way around.

businessman stress management retreat costa rica
businessman stress management retreat costa rica

There are many ways to connect to your soul’s potential and you can start your road to happiness through achieving that connection.

It is hard to know where to start, and often people simply keep reading books, talking about it, and wanting to do it, but postponing the actual action.
You cannot become whole, you cannot connect to your powers, and you cannot understand who you really are by only reading and learning through someone else’s eyes.

Experience - this is the most important step to understanding yourself! Conscious experiences and practices are the way to a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

This is exactly what we are offering to you.
You would not read this now, if you would not need this, you simply would not hear about this trip.
But since you are here now, there are probably some benefits for you to get from this trip. 
You will see many are listed below, probably some of them are for you.

As always -the choice is yours! We can just show you the road, but it is YOU who needs to walk the road. All I can promise you is the adventures and a lot of unique information, ceremonies and experiences during this trip to help you start your road to happiness.

meditation retreat costa rica

Just make the decision: you and your happiness really worth the investment of time and money!

This is the investment into your own life, an investment into your own happiness.

Some Benefits One can Receive at the Peru Spiritual Trip

Reduce your stress level 

Learn healing techniques for daily use

Understand, feel and connect to Mother Nature and the Energies of the Elements

Initiation to Healing Practices and to Elemental Energies

Connect Mind, Body and Spirit – Connect to your inner knowledge, your inner powers

Understand and Feel connection to Higher Self, to your own Soul

Start Living and make decisions from your Soul level instead of being dictated by brain function

Heal some of past traumas or past life

Start making better life and business decisions

Help you to find your road if you got lost or stuck on the way

Improve your relationship with your family members and loved ones

Improve your relationships within your business and society

Other “hidden” benefits of health improvements and more.

And just have a unique experience!!!!!!

Ceremonies you Will Experience an Learned on the Peru Retreat:

Entry Permission ceremony with Despacho by a Kero Healer
Cleansing ceremony  
Lecture with Silvia Calisaya about the “7 Temples”
Vision Quest  at Machu Picchu
Past Life Clearing at Sacsayhuaman under Earth channel
Building a temple in the Pachamama temple with a wind ceremony on top of the Island
Water Ceremony
Earth (PACHAMAMA) ceremony 
AYNY CEREMONY by Aymara Shaman,
Fire ceremony. 
Initiations into healing  You will learn what is a Family Mesa, how to create it and what is it used for.

Cultural Sites we will be Visiting During Peru Trip:

Sacred Valley
Machu Picchu
Aguas Calientes
Lake Titicaca Floating Islands
Amantani island. 
Taquile island, 
AJAYU MARKA (Arama Muru)

Invest 9 days of your life toward YOUR HAPPINESS!

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Payments and Refunds

Terms and payments:

We require full prepayment at registration.
Your payment is refundable up to 60 days of retreat date, less $150 processing fee.
The payment is not refundable within 60 days before the retreat date.
Please register through the registration button above.

Price is subject to change, before deposit is paid, depending on the world’s inflation situation.

We accept Paypal or check deposits to our account in the US.

Full refund will be issued in case the event is cancelled by the organizer or in a case of Global Disaster or Force Majeure events in the world.

Internal Transfer – You will need to purchase a 1 way ticket to Lima – Cusco.
The returned ticket to Lima from Juliaca is included in the price.
If you are planning to go back to Cusco or any other place after this retreat, please let us know,
we will subtract $50 from the cost of your trip and you will need to purchase a ticket from Juliaca
on the plane or from Puno on the bus.

Retreat in Peru Includes

  • Internal flight ticket (1 flight from Juliaca to Lima).
  • All Transfers with the group.
  • All Entrance fees to the archaeological places (in group)
  • Professional guides in English / Russian, Spanish.
  • Breakfast at the hotels.
  • Group ceremonies with authentic shamans.
  • Fast boat to visit the islands in Lake Titicaca.
  • Daily bottle of water for each person.
  • Double accommodation in hotels (3 stars) during the tour.
  • SINGLE ROOM SUPPLEMENT: 400.00 Dollars Per whole Trip


– Lunch and dinner. Budget between $10 – $15 per meal

– Any Private transfers.

– Any Private ceremonies or Healing Sessions – Tips to the guides and drivers.

Cusco is a beautiful city by itself. We recommend that you spend an extra day there outside of our trip, either before or after our retreat.

You will need to arrange your travel, so you will be in Cusco not later then at 12:30 p.m on day 1 of the trip

Although, This is Not a Miracle and Not a Pill for Happiness!

You will come back from this trip as a “NEW YOU"!

Achievement of highest Results Requires Your Effort and Your Participation In The Process.
You will need to set your intentions and keep practicing the techniques in your daily life.

Continuing practicing these techniques in your daily life after the retreat will change your life and will bring in it a lot more happiness.
We hope to see you on the retreat and to share this beautiful experience of transformation with us.

This is Your Chance to Change Your Life & Start Living Happier!

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