Heal yourself April 14-17 or April 18-21 in Sedona

When you are tired of suffering and are ready to start changing your life, choose this intense 4 days private retreat with Nina-Bastet 

“Emotional Healing Changed my Life”

When I came to private retreat with Nina in 2017, I was a mess. The retreat was my last option before going to start using antidepressants. It was a very difficult time for me. The retreat with Nina's coaching made me realize that my life could become much more then it is. It open up for me the new horizons an changed my point of view on life and people around me. I am very thankful to Nina for this discoveries, that changed my life.
Mela Parker

Boost Start Your Emotional Healing

1 on 1 Retreat to start your healing process

Boost Start Your Emotional Healing during these 4 Days in Arizona with Shamanic Healing, Essential oils, Holistic Life Coaching & more.

Retreat will help you to start the process of reclaiming your happiness after long emotional suffering and will teach you how to handle your emotions and your stress in daily life.

Benefits of Emotional Healing Retreat

Ease of Fears, Anxiety and Stress

Fight Depression

Ease of Fears / Phobias

Helps with Sleep Disorders

Life Enjoinment

Help in Finding the right Life Partner

Attracting better people and situations to your life

Helps to keep moving in life in the right direction

Start healing different psycho-somatic diseases

Making your life happier and much more…