The Heroes of Our Time – Real Men Retreat in Costa Rica – Happiness in Life and Relationship Improvements Costa Rica Retreat

Retreat designed specifically for successful men: businessmen, career men, men working using their intelligence and not doing much of the physical work during their daily life.
Retreat for successful man, who wants to get even more in life.

Join us for the Real Men 8 days retreat in Costa Rica, which offers an unforgettable experience, combining life improvement practices, relaxation techniques and special unique activities designed for real men.

Being in balance with yourself will bring you happy and harmonious relationship with your women, your family, friends and society. This will make you more successful in business, your career and social life.

If this is what you want, this retreat is for you.

Do you live to work or do you work to live? Ask yourself this important question if you have not done so. If you realized now or before that you live to work, it’s time to stop!

Stop now, while you still can enjoy life!

When you are successful in business or in a career most of the time your life is very stressful.  To fight with stress some men start looking for different ways to distress. Very often they find themselves in drinking, smoking, drugs or being with many different women. But as we all know, these activities bring “happiness” only for a very short period of time. Next the guilt, shame, blame comes and the “happiness” stops.  The stress comes back in the higher rate than before. That kind of life brings men to disintegration and all relationships starts to fall apart. Men, who do not know better, live that way simply because they do not know any other way. No one educated people in our society how to be happy in life; what need to be done by one to get happier; this information was not considered important. But everyone keeps looking for happiness, I mean EVERYONE men as well as women, and it is possible to achieve, and accomplish much easier then you may think.

This is exactly what we will teach you, this is the knowledge that we are offering to you in our retreat.

The knowledge of how to become happy.

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