Stress Reduction, Emotional Releases with Vipassana Meditation

From craving arises grief,
From craving arises fear;
For one who is free from craving,
There is no grief, much less fear.

Dhammapada 216

Vipassana meditation is one of many meditation styles available at present time. I consider this technique to be the strongest and fastest of all the meditations in releasing your emotional pain, removing blocks and making someone happier. This technique was practiced and taught by Buddha (it is not a Buddhist religion practice) and brought back to life by S. N. Goenka 2000 years later. The Buddha brought to the world a wonderful path. He taught how to purify the mind, not just at the surface level as many other meditation practices do, but at the depth, at the root level. The teaching is not to convert people from one organized religion to another organized religion; it is to convert them from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation. Mr. Goenka followed his soul’s call and organized Vipassana Association, which is very active in spreading this beautiful technique throughout the world.

vipassana costa ricaThrough the centuries Vipassana meditation have helped thousands of thousands of people to get out of their miseries of unhappiness with life, stress about every challenging citation and the refinements of life’s problems. This meditation technique helped me as well as many other people who I know personally. I consider this technique to be one of very important ones on the way to happiness that is why it is included in the courses I teach during the retreats we offer. I consider myself the students of Goenka’s Vipassana Center. Even though I am not one of their certified teachers, the technique is Universal and could be taught by anyone, having good knowledge, experienced in practice and good heart.

So what is practicing Vipassana meditation can do for one?

By regular practice you will train your mind not to react to every life citation with either craving or aversion, you will reduce or eliminate your negative emotions of anger, jealousy, fear, hate, pity to yourself, depression and others negative emotions destroying your happiness and health.  This will help you to reduce stress and will make you happier. By learning the technique you will understand the impermanence of everything in life, including the things and situations that make us worry, hate or fear something. You will get that knowledge through your own experiential level, not by reading a book or learning it, but by experiencing it on your own body.  Having this experience will give you the faith and knowing the laws of nature which applies to everyone, not just you. This knowledge will bring you in to happier and healthier state.

When you practice Vipassana meditation you are bringing high vibration energy into all parts of your body.  The health will improve and illnesses will be prevented by you removing energetic blocks, being in your body for years. These blocks where created by negative emotions and reactions to different life situations and made your health much worth then it could be. Bringing your conscious energy into different parts of your body, clears out the low vibrations energies from every part, every organ, and every dark corner of your physical structure.
This is like shining the light into the dark corners in the storage where cockroaches are. They will run away from light. Same happens in our body during meditation; low vibration blocks starting to come out on the surface. Doing that prevents sicknesses and helps to fight with existing ones. You will feel and look rejuvenated and younger.

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Vipassana Meditation is The Universal Law of Nature.
This practical path to real happiness can be called by any name. For conventional, linguistic purposes, it is called Vipassana. Just as the law of gravity works in the same way irrespective of whatever name we give it, the practice of coming out of suffering by objective observation of sensations is beneficial to all, irrespective of whatever it is called.
People from all religions and backgrounds understand this universal truth: one has to have a balanced, pure mind to be happy amidst the vicissitudes of life. They also understand that the saints of the past must have been practicing this technique of developing equanimity to sensations. How else could they generate infinite compassion for the very people who were torturing them to death, as many noble saints of the past from all religions did?
From S. N. Goenka lecture.
May all beings be happy, be peaceful, be liberated!

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