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Radon’s Cure Health Resorts – Khmelnik, Ukraine

radon health resort

“Everything is poison, and nothing is devoid of toxicity, and only the dose determines that there is poison.”


Radon, the inert gas, is taken into the body through the skin and lungs. Mild alpha radiation are released during treatments.

Radon treatments offered in the high end Spas throughout Europe: Austria, Germany, Czech Republic. But in Chmelniki, Ukraine, you get real medicinal treatments, which were designed in the time of the Soviet Union for the use of the high political government officials with highest class medical researches and real scientific approach.

Radon and Its Healing Properties:

The debate about benefits and dangers of radon in medical practice underway for decades. Scientists and medical professionals from different countries were divided in their opinions. Some are totally against the use of radiation for healing. Others insist that the effect of radiation (as radon) in small doses, on the contrary contribute to the normal life of every living thing on the planet.

Observations of the residents living in radon- active regions indicate that no reduction of life expectancy or oncology or leukemic disease among them compared with the general population is observed.  Also, studies on plants and animals suggest that exposure to low doses of radiation, a positive impact on growth and metabolism in the cells of organisms, when the creation of artificial conditions, deprived background radiation leads to growth disturbance, disorders of the nervous system and to the death of some species within a month.

To the curing properties of radon we can apply the principals of cures, formulated by Ardna and Schulz:

Weak stimulation – activates;  average – normalizes; strong – slowing down;  super-strong – destroys. The presence of radioactive elements in the soil, air and water body in certain quantities, creates a natural radioactive background necessary for maintaining normal activity of all organisms.

Of course, the mechanisms of action have not been studied thoroughly, but medical observation and clinical studies over the years show that radon has established itself as a good helper in the treatment of many chronic illnesses of skin diseases, nervous and circulatory system , musculoskeletal system . Under the influence of radon ion improves the function of the endocrine glands (including the thyroid gland). Canadian and American scientists had to admit the suitability and efficiency of radon therapies  in the prevention of cancer.

Radon Therapies Mechanisms

Most popular radon therapy procedures are radon baths (as “dry” and “wet”), but along with them practiced the following therapies: drinking water treatment, inhalations, compresses, as well as gynecological irrigation. During those procedures  uses  mineral water from natural sources with saturated radon in it, as well as  fresh water artificially saturable with isotopes of radon.

Radon baths are alpha therapy , as the main biological effect has radioactive alpha radiation . Depending on the state of the cardiovascular system , the patient’s age , existing illnesses,  radon waters prescribed as : shared baths , half-baths , local ( two or four chamber ) , vortex , and have a bubble bath for the face. Successfully applied for radon waters and gynecological irrigations , inhalations , rinse and hydro massage of gums. The procedures appointed after one, a two-day patient’s adaptation.

When taking baths , the patient is exposed to radon , penetrating through the skin and lungs. Accordingly, due to the rapid decay of the products on the skin , a so -called active plaque. It causes agitation receptors of nervous system, which entails complex chain of biochemical reactions, which improves metabolism in the body cells. It also stabilizes the processes of inhibition of the central nervous system, which gives an  analgesic and sedative effects of radon baths , giving excellent results in the treatment of sciatica , plexitis, polyradiculoneuritis, neurosis, diseases of the spinal column.  Next radon getting into the blood , spreads throughout the body, resulting in improved microcirculation in cells , normalization of blood pressure, pulse rate , improved  blood flow through the vessels in kidney , liver, and brain.  The influence of radon water increases the permeability of drugs into the cerebrospinal fluid , which is very necessary step  in the treatment of chronic  damage  of central nervous system.

During receiving radon bath,  up to 40% of amount of radon in water penetrates the skin. Further, radon penetrates partially into the blood vessels and transferred to the internal organs, while their radiation dose compared with the skin is much less. By the end of the bath in the patient’s skin to accumulate 60% ​​of the radon obtained.

Radon almost completely leaves the body in 2-3 hours after the procedure. Essential mechanism in the treatment of radon is its effect on the microcirculation in the skin. During the first minutes of procedure the skin is whitening  as a result of capillaries spasm and reduction of  their visibility. At the end of treatments the skin returns to the pinkish coloration, due to increase in capillary blood flow and improvement of blood circulation in them. So kind of training is carried peripheral blood vessels. Another of the distinctive properties of radon therapy is its prolonged after effect , continued up to 6 months .

Radon baths quite easily tolerated by patients. It can be successfully combine with many other physiotherapy procedures.

Of course, “radon” can not be considered a panacea for all ills, but in the right hands and with properly chosen method it has sufficiently effective healing properties.

Who Will Benefit From Radon Treatments

Radon ( radon baths ) in the sanatorium ” Khmelnik ” has been successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system , cardiovascular , respiratory , urogenital and endocrine systems,  as well as for the treatment of burn patients .

Radon baths are extremely useful in diseases associated with decreased immunity , help overcome menopausal pain , as well as showing a positive effect on diabetes , disorders of potency, sterility .

Radon mineral water improves carbohydrate and mineral metabolism , regulate fluid and electrolyte balance , promotes the excretion of harmful substances. Under the influence of radon restored blood viscosity, reduced clinical manifestations of neurosis and neurotic states.

Radon baths normalize thyroid function and ovarian effective in the treatment of endometriosis , and is also one of the stages of preparation for fertilization .

Radon baths are beneficial to the affected skin , eliminate inflammation , promote healing process and scar formation structurally ordered collagen fibers .

It is scientifically proven that the passage rate of radon baths can achieve not only significant relief of symptoms for up to 12-18 months , but also reduce the number of medicines used.

We Organize Trips to Khmelnik, Ukraine with translation services.

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