Tai Chi

T’ai Chi is a Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. Originally developed in China as a form of self-defense, tai chi is a graceful form of exercise that has existed for some 2,000 years. Like other practices that bring mind and body together, tai chi can reduce stress. During tai chi, you focus on movement and breathing. This combination creates a state of relaxation and calm. Stress, anxiety and tension should melt away as you focus on the present, and the effects may last well after […]

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Propolis, Propolis Extract, Propolis Benefits

Propolis Elixir – Elixir Of Immortality. Propolis – is one of the most mysterious of natural products . Neither beekeepers nor traditional healers, or even modern scientists still do not know much about the origin of propolis. Some believe that it is a resinous tree sap collected and fermented by bees to protect their hives. Others think that it is a product of the finest extraction of resinous substances produced directly from the pollen. Others believe that propolis independently synthesized in the body of bees. There is no consensus regarding the chemical composition and propolis. Despite the common name, the […]

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Aphrodisiacs – Food for Love

Food is not just eaten for our existence, but for nourishing our minds and enhancing desires. Its common knowledge we always tend to gravitate to certain foods or food types as and when we experience different emotions. The smell, feel and texture of what we consume have a direct bearing on our six senses. Some foods elevate our moods, while some calm us and some add onto our misery. Foods that have a positive and sexual enhancing effect on us are called as aphrodisiac foods. So, if you are keen to set the mood right, here is what should be […]

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What are Micronutrients and What They Do For The Body?

What Micronutrients do in the Body? It is well recognized that the digestibility and biological activity of vitamins increases if they enter the body in the form of complex functional complexes with other micronutrients, including bioflavonoids and trace elements. All most effective prescriptions of Chinese and Tibetan medicine are complex and multi-component composition of their constituent active ingredients and sometimes contain dozens of different components of plant, animal and mineral origin. As an example: For good absorption and assimilation of calcium in the body is necessary to its interaction (and in fairly accurate proportions ) with magnesium , phosphorus, manganese, vitamin K, B6, […]

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marat root

Maral Root – Sexual Potency and Libido Enhancing Herb

Maral Root – Sexual Potency and Libido Enhancing Adaptogenic Herb Maral Root (Leuzea carthamoides , also called Rhaponticum carthamoides) The health benefits of maral root are widely known. It is now also being used to treat medical problems including alcohol dependency, depression and impotency, as well as promoting physical strength and mental sharpness, Leuzea grows on the mountain slopes in a limited area of southern Siberia (Altai, Sayani). It does not exist as a wild growing plant in other region of the world. Because of the limited supply of Leusea in nature and because the plant grows slowly, the harvest of […]

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Role of Minerals in the Breast Cancer Prevention: Zinc and Selenium

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (http://ww5.komen.org/) one woman dies from breast cancer every 69 seconds. Breast cancer is the second primary cause of women’s death. This year alone just about 270,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. More than 45% of women suffer from a condition known as fibrocystic breast disease during their childbearing age. Women who want to evade breast cancer or its reappearance need to be aware, that real problems are imbalances in your body that could be controlled by the women herself. There are many things that the person need to do in order to […]

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emotional happiness

Urinary Incontinence (UI) and Holistic Treatments for Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) is so rarely discussed that you may feel like you’re the only one dealing with it. The truth is there are more then 17 million people in the United States that  have occurrences of bladder control issues daily. The statistics are eye-opening – it is a significant health problem in the United States and worldwide and has a substantial economic and social impact on people and our society. Millions of women (and men) experience unintentional loss of urine called urinary incontinence (the involuntary leakage of urine) (UI). The severity of urinary incontinence ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or […]

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Healthy Pelvic Floor and Vagina Muscle are The Core of the Healthy Body and Happy Life

In our era of science and technology we are spending more and more time in the car or at the offices. This leads to dramatic changes in our internal organs and premature degenerating of some muscles. We are trying to compensate our lack of movement by going regularly to a fitness club or doing other kind of body building exercises. We know a lot about muscles press, chest, back, hips, arms and training them constantly. But how much do you know about our intimate and you may say, a unique group of muscles, our vagina muscles, including pelvic floor muscles. […]

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women health

Intimate Muscle Training and Sexual Happiness

There is an art, that is not taught in schools, but is the main building block for woman’s happiness, men satisfaction, family strength and the lengths of love. Sex, is one of the main ingredients in the happy and healthy relationship between couples. Good Sex brings upon strong connection between love couples and health and happiness to both participants. But what is the good sex depends on? How do we make our sex relationship to become happier and healthier, intercourse to be longer and women orgasm stronger? How can partners help each other to achieve the highest satisfaction in sex […]

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Phytoestrogens, Genistein – Natural Estrogen Replacement

Phytoestrogens,  Genistein – Natural Estrogen Replacement  Phytoestrogens, referred as natural or herbal hormones, are naturally occurring substances extracted from plants.  The word “phytoestrogen” is derived from “phyto”, meaning plant, and “estrogen” as of their ability to affect estrogenic action in the human body. Phytoestrogens are categorized into 4 main groups which are then more subdivided. The four groups of phytoestrogens are soy isoflavones, lignans, coumestans and resorcylic acid lactones. The most structurally similar to estrogen, are the soy isoflavones, which are now being known as a healthy supplement for menopausal and pre-menopausal women for their natural estrogen replacement abilities. The main […]

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