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Mind and Body Detoxification Meditation Retreats in Costa Rica – 7 days of Wellness

Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica

The retreat is the full 7 days of wellness. You owe it to yourself. If you thought that meditation is hard, you will see how easy it is how how much goodness it will bring in to your life.
If you feel unhappy, depressed, stuck in life, do not want what to do next – this retreat is for you!
If you just left difficult relationship and do not know how to go on in life – this retreat is for you!
If you feel that you are ok, but would live to learn how to meditate and calm your mind – this retreat is for you!
If you feel, just like changing your situation now, go in the place where you can relax and stay quiet – this retreat is for you!

During the retreat you will learn and start your practice of releasing your buried emotions. Performing this will remove blocks from your body, your organs and your energy field. This will increase your vibration energy, your stamina, your immune system will get stronger and your health state will change. Your emotional state will change and you will become happier.

Read more about our Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica here.

Participating in the retreat will detoxify your Mind and Body. This unique  Meditation 7 days Retreat in Costa Rica at Playas del Coco will teach you forgiveness and silence meditation practice, comparable to Vipassana Meditation.

During the retreat you should be able to start or continue the practice of forgiveness, which is the first and major step in any process of spiritual development and emotional balance. Without this important step the emotional health is not possible. You will be explained how to forgive, who to forgive and why it is important.

You will learn and practice silence meditation technique for emotional releases. You will understand how to feel your own energy and how to use this knowledge to clear your field of the emotional blocks, to achieve emotional balance. Clearing your emotional baggage will help you to become happier and healthier.

Read more about our Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica here.

If you are planning to stay in Costa Rica after the retreat and explore this beautiful country, let us be your concierge!
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