Emotional and Physical Detox Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

Join us for 7 days Ayahuasca retreat in Amazonian Part of Peru. During the retreat you will be participating in 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies for your soul healing. Beautiful environment with great nature, highly spiritual people surrounding you during your Ayahuasca retreat will bring you great clarity, emotional healing and detoxication to your mind and body. We will help you to form your intentions for the ceremonies as well as go through the integration process to get better results from your journey. What is Ayahuasca healing? On physical level, Ayahuasca healing clears your body from emotional and energetic blocks, and can be considered as one of the emotional releases techniques. There are many other types of energetic emotional healing techniques available to humanity at present time. Emotional release techniques are different by the depth of their work and the speed of eliminating the issue.  During Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru or Costa Rica the healing will get to the root of the issues, remove the root and by doing that,  the issue will be eliminated completely.  This process at some cases can be as fast, as one Ayahuasca ceremony, but at many cases it will require longer time. That is why the Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru includes 3 ceremonies to make sure to get to the root of the issues. The way your body and mind will process the issue is not the conscious choice, so do not try to speed the process.  Ayahuasca will work at the speed at which you body and mind will be able to process it and it will stretch you to the limits.

Full Description of 7 days Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru, Emotional and Physical Detox Retreat

  So, what Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru can do for you? Here’s in short the list of results you can expect from Peruvian Ayahuasca Retreat  for your body and emotions Detox: Clearing your body from emotional blocks to open the energy flow in your body. Help you to find your road, if you’re lost or stuck on the way. Help you to make correct business decisions. Teach you how to understand what you need to do in business or in life, when an uncertainty exists. Prevent or heal illnesses and especially from psychosomatic illnesses. Heal from addictions. Help you to understand your life purpose. Help you to feel good about yourself, become self confident. Heal fears and anxieties. Help to eliminate depression. Raise vibrations of your body, by removing energetic blocks and purging process. Get you closer to achievement of mind, body and soul connection. Open your mind to the fact of existence of Higher Powers and your Soul Connect you to your soul. Heal your relationship with yourself and others, often other family member’s relationship need healing. How does it get any better that that?! Ayahuasca as the medicine for body, mind and soul, and you will really understand and experience it, while doing Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica.

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