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World’s Healing Places

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, Ayahuasca Ceremonies

ayahuasca ceremony costa rica

We offer Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru in the retreat settings in wilderness of Amazonian Forest. The retreat is run by Perci Garcia, curandero from Iquitos in Peru with more than 25 years of healing shamanic work dedicated to people seeking healing and spiritual development. The center offers 12 cabins and beautifully constructed ceremonial maloca. The place is very safe and protected by many energies of Light. Perci is preparing Ayahuasca brew by himself to charge it with the best and highest healing intentions possible. The taste of his brew is not as bad as some others, but has very straight forward, […]

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Ayahuasca Retreat How to Know When to Go, How to Choose a Shaman

Akashic Records

How to Know When to Go for Ayahuasca Retreat? The Ayahuasca process. When you will decide to go for Ayahuasca retreat, it is because the spirit of Great Mother called you, it is because your time came for healing.  Trust your feeling and know, if the time is not right for you, you will not go. Do not push anything, just set your intention to go and see what will be happening. Be sensitive to feeling and emotions, notice events happening and you will understand if you really need to do it. As said, when you hear something 3 times, […]

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Life Enhancement Center and Spiritual Awakening Retreat in Costa Rica, Playa Del Coco

costa rica playa del coco

Paradiso Ocean View Spiritual Retreat Costa Rica is the spiritual Condo Hotel project, which is currently on the development stage. The Spiritual Retreat Hotel is planned to open it doors by 2017 in Playa del Coco Costa Rica. Playa del Coco is a very energetic place located on Pacific Ocean in Northern Part of Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province. Hotel will be sharing it amenities with Holistic Center of Health and Happiness, which will be the organizer of holistic and spiritual events, seminars, lectures and retreats at the Paradiso Ocean View Hotel. Guest Speakers, healers, teachers will be invited from many different places […]

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Live Happier and Healthier in Costa Rica, Things To Do in Costa Rica

costa rica facts

Why should you consider living in Costa Rica? Why not Panama, Mexico, or Ecuador? Why living in Costa Rica? Today many Americans are choosing to live in Costa Rica. This small nation of nearly, 5 million people, located between Panama and Nicaragua is nothing short of paradise. With two coastlines; the Pacific to the west and the Atlantic to the east, there are ample beaches that one can visit. Current estimates indicate that more than 25,000 US citizens and countless Canadians are now living in Costa Rica. And each year, the number of people seeking Costa Rica as their residence […]

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World’s Healing Places and Cures, Health and Wellness Resorts


Different parts of the world offering to people many different beautiful spots. Those are the places that have their own natural unique resources. Healer and organization are always looking for this unique spots as the ways to help people, to heal people and the planet.  Those places on our planet, frequently have very strong energy, vortexes of energy. They usually surrounded by mountains, forests and have beautiful natural settings. Those unique places always attract a lot of people, who are looking for healing, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. We want to share the information about the places, familiar to us […]

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Radon’s Cure Health Resorts – Khmelnik, Ukraine

radon health resort

“Everything is poison, and nothing is devoid of toxicity, and only the dose determines that there is poison.” Paracelsus. Radon, the inert gas, is taken into the body through the skin and lungs. Mild alpha radiation are released during treatments. Radon treatments offered in the high end Spas throughout Europe: Austria, Germany, Czech Republic. But in Chmelniki, Ukraine, you get real medicinal treatments, which were designed in the time of the Soviet Union for the use of the high political government officials with highest class medical researches and real scientific approach. Radon and Its Healing Properties: The debate about benefits and […]

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Healing Journeys: John of God of Brazil

john-of-god of brazil

Thousands of thousands of people travel to Brazil every year for physical, emotional and spiritual healing from  John of God or João de Deus, who is the most powerful unconscious medium alive today. Though, John of God is a humble man who speaks  very clear about his abilities: “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.” – John of God. Many people go to the Casa de Dom Inacio mainly for spiritual reasons, often  to enhance their own […]

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