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Love & Relationship

Aphrodisiacs – Essential Oils for Love and Desire

Aphrodisiacs Rose Essential Oils for Love

Relationships need to be worked upon to keep the spark alive and burning. So whether you are looking for renewing that spark or starting a new one, try your hand at aphrodisiac essential oils to get that right feel and smell good too. The use of an aphrodisiac substance to increase sexual desire is an ancient art form. One of those substances is the essential oils. We have a strong sense of smell; some sense heighten the way we feel, while some repulse us. Not all oils work in the same manner for individuals. Smell stimulates the brain nerves that […]

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Aphrodisiacs – Food for Love

aphrodisiac food

Food is not just eaten for our existence, but for nourishing our minds and enhancing desires. Its common knowledge we always tend to gravitate to certain foods or food types as and when we experience different emotions. The smell, feel and texture of what we consume have a direct bearing on our six senses. Some foods elevate our moods, while some calm us and some add onto our misery. Foods that have a positive and sexual enhancing effect on us are called as aphrodisiac foods. So, if you are keen to set the mood right, here is what should be […]

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Enlightened Relationships For a New Era


Until recent generations divorce was a rare thing. Then our society changed and we developed a need to be “happy.” This changed from the previous generations, when the only things that couple were expected from marriage was to satisfied their surviving needs and some level of security for the family. Happiness was not a part of the marriage contract. But today, we all want to be happy.
Couples today are looking for a new kind of relationship. A relationship with the connections on many levels, such as spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological as well as material ones.
This is the phenomenon of the New Age Era, when we are entering into relationships richer than any previous generation.

“This may be the start of the “we” generation, a generation that desires an end to the battle of the sexes and the beginning of a new form of relationship in which partners work together as a team to satisfy needs, uplift one another, and journey together toward personal growth and sexual and spiritual fulfillment.” ( Charles and Caroline Muir – Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving)

The need for happiness and fulfillment sounds very simple and innocent, but it’s the primary reason for failed relationships today. In order to get to the fulfillment, we need to be ready to learn a lot and to work toward our goals. Fulfillment is conscious and unlimited and can only be achieved in connection with the partner.

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Tantric Secrets to Lasting Intimacy and Happiness

Tantra couple

Tantra is a spiritual practice that creates calmness, awareness and makes change possible. It encourages spiritual development by awakening energies within you that would otherwise stay dormant. Tantric tradition combine yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, workshops in addition to the sexual aspect of Tantra. The Tantra meditation, breathing exercises as well as the yoga exercises offers a great stress relieve, which can do miracles to your body and soul. By becoming more aware of your body’s well-being — spiritually, emotionally, and physically — you will find that you start felling better about yourself and taking better care of yourself. Sacred sex […]

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Awaken The Goddess Within Club

Awaken The Goddess Within

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