Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We offer Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru in the retreat settings in wilderness of Amazonian Forest. The retreat is run by Perci Garcia, curandero from Iquitos in Peru with more than 25 years of healing shamanic work dedicated to people seeking healing and spiritual development.

The center offers 12 cabins and beautifully constructed ceremonial maloca. The place is very safe and protected by many energies of Light. Perci is preparing Ayahuasca brew by himself to charge it with the best and highest healing intentions possible. The taste of his brew is not as bad as some others, but has very straight forward, direct healing energies.
Number of clients on ceremonies rarely exceeds 10 people. If you do not speak Spanish, center has English translator, who is available during the Ayahuasca ceremony as well as before and after and helps to communicate with the Shaman. There are always other people speaking English and other languages, who are on the retreats, so you will not be alone.

During your retreat, you will enjoy the center’s beautiful energies, serene atmosphere of Amazonian forest and receive unique deep healing and cleansing from Mother Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants. Percy is working with only Lights energies of plants, animals and Mother Earth, as well as Angelic Energies. His high vibration Icaros, song during the Ayahuasca Ceremony, will invite the energies La Medicina and other healing Plants to assist in healing process. This will direct the healing process in the right path for each person in the maloca individually.
Perci’s is dedicated to serve people and that is why his pricing per retreats are the lowest that could be. It is always best to come for 6 ceremonies, if possible, but if not, at least for a week (6 days), so you can participate in 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies.
The ceremonies are run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so the planning of your trip is very convenient. It is very important not to have ceremonies every day, you need the the time in between the ceremonies for deeper healing process, to understand what it is you and the plant are working on  and for processing of the healing energies. 

Please contact us with any questions. 
We will answer all your concerns from our own experience.


Retreat Cost: $600 per week (plus our fee- see below), including:
3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies- Monday, Wednesday and Friday (the time in between the ceremonies are given for deeper healing and processing of the healing energies);
3-6 Flower Bath Ceremonies;
Ajo-Sacha tea diet to help body cleansing and detox, and induce dreaming;
Individual healings by the shaman during ayahuasca ceremonies;
Additional healings outside of ceremony if the shaman sees it is required
Accommodation in the individual cabin (subject to availability prior to reservation) (or shared when 2 people are traveling);
Shamanic diet with tasty, nutritious and simple meals appropriate for working with medicine plants

Our charge is $200 for all arrangements made for you: reservation of your retreat, all the directions, and communications before your departure to Peru. (Additional to the retreat cost). Every additional person will be charged only $100.

Pickups from hotel or Iquitos airport can be arranged upon request. The price for taxi is 80-100 Soles (depending on the time of the day) The ride is around 40 minutes from the airport to the Village.
From Village, you will need to walk 30 min to the center. The luggage carrier could be arranged upon request from the village for only 10 Sol (less than $3).
If you would like to stay in Iquitos we can book this for you at very nice small hotel for around $45 or simpler hotel for $25-$30.

Payments Terms:

Our charges ($200 or more) shall be paid upfront to HCHH for reservation to be made.(after conformation of availability of accommodation)
Please contact us with any questions. 

A deposit of 50% of the price of the retreat shall be paid during the reservation process, after conformation of availability of accommodation, to assure the confirmation of your reservation.
The deposit will be paid directly to the center using Western Union or Money Gram.
The final installment is due at the arrival to the center.

All pre-payments are not refundable.

What is Ayahuasca and how it helps, Ayahuasca diet and more

So there are no surprises.

Our accommodations are very clean, safe and secure, but this is not a 4 or even 3 stars resort. The food is very tasty, clean and healthy. Your cabin has a toilet, but you need to flush it with the water from the bucket. The bucket is filled by the employees of the resort.
Your cabin does not have a shower. You take a bath in the river- it is clean and very nice. I was scared myself, when I arrived the first time, but it was very pleasant, and felt great. Even though the water on the images looks muddy, it is clear and clean, the muddy color on the picture comes from the healing clay bottom of the river. Some people, who come to the resort for healing, even choose to boil and drink it, instead that drinking the water that is brought from town. You will be given the drinking water for your room, which is brought from town regularly.
There are no electricity in the resort and no internet.  If you need to call or use internet, you will need to go to the village 30 min. But, I would describe it as the positive, not the negative part of the accommodation.

If accommodation is more important for you, than the healing, this is not your resort yet. The Shaman is improving it constantly and using all the funds collected on the improvement of the resort. I had a great healings, as well as many others and the accommodations did not bother at all. It was a lot of fun, even thought, I am a city person, who used to all the cities amenities. You will like everything about this resort, when you start your healing here! Guarantee!
Start your healing now. Not the 5 star accommodation gives you healing, but the Shaman’s energies, his intentions and Mother Ayahuasca.